Certified Hosting - Unlimited Policy

What does UNLIMITED Mean?

UNLIMITED Storage: You can use Unlimited Disk Space to store your website’s content.

UNLIMITED Bandwidth: Your website can use Unlimited Bandwidth to serve pages to your users.

Summary: Your website will NEVER run out of storage space or bandwidth. It will never be suspended for exceeding bandwidth or storage restrictions.

The Catch: Bad design or coding can turn a website into a resource hog. It may hog the CPU or RAM or have an unacceptably high disk I/O. This can become a problem for users of the website as well as users of other websites on a shared server. The web hosting industry standard is to suspend such websites. This helps web hosting companies to maintain the quality of service their customers expect from them. And that’s where Certified Hosting is different.

We offer Certified Protection as a value added service.

What is Certified Protection?

This unique Certified Hosting add-on is like an insurance policy. It protects your account from suspension due to unforeseen spike in server resource usage.

In this day and age of social media, you never know when your website may go viral or need a higher percentage of your shared server’s resources. In such an unforeseen circumstance, your website may exceed the acceptable levels of server resources. This can negatively affect the performance of all the other websites on your shared server. In such cases, defense mechanisms of a server can automatically suspend your account.

Certified Protection will save your account from suspension in such cases. It makes sure that your website is online and running when you need it most.

But, this is where WE are different! We offer the option to add Certified Protection to your account.


Yes! Our shared servers are designed to provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space to optimized websites for hobby, personal, blogging, business, photo galleries, membership sites, etc. We do not allow our accounts to be used for backups or storage for millions of pictures.

What else is not allowed on “UNLIMITED”?

You can use your account to run and operate an active website but not for storage only. Other types of hosting that we specifically do not allow are:

  • Copyrighted material – which you do not have a license for distribution.
  • File Sharing | File Upload | File Archive | Backup | Site Mirroring | Content Distribution Sites

Still have questions ?

This information is a testament to our commitment to being honest with you. If you still have questions about our UNLIMTED policy-

Give us a call at: 1.800.547.9995

We would be happy to go over it with you and ease your mind.

No Overages, No Storage Limitations… Go Unlimited with Certified Hosting!