Sleek, Simple And Secure WordPress Sites

Supercharged Speed: Up to 2.5X Faster with Managed Hosting

Need blazing fast page loading speeds? We’ve got you covered. Our purpose built WordPress hosting solution is a high performance, scalable and secure solution. It benefits from proven combinations of hardware and software to eliminate the need for caching or CDN.

Convenient Simplicity: Easy to Use

Our Managed WordPress handles all the day to day WordPress management tasks for you. WordPress is easy to install, but managing it can easily become a time consuming nightmare. It is not easy for everyone to – upgrade it without breaking anything, make it secure, apply patches, manage updates to plugins, etc. We also provide a single portal to access individual files, email accounts and restore database to reduce the time you spend on looking for things. When we take care of all the mundane technical tasks for you, you’ll have more time to follow your passions.

Advanced Security: Thwart Evildoers

WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms on the Internet. Its large user base also makes it a prime target for hacking and malware. Most regular WordPress owners are not aware of simple loopholes that can easily stop attacks. We work round the clock to keep our Managed WordPress hosting platform free of attacks and malware. We use top of the line malware detection and removal scans. We also prepare for any eventuality by making daily offsite backups of your entire site.

Seamless Scalability: Flexibility for Changing Demands

When your goal is to drive endless traffic to your blog, you need a reliable cloud architecture that scales with your business. Our cloud architecture is designed to accommodate planned and unplanned growth of your website. Choose a plan that prepares your site for a spike in traffic and scales up instantly to minimize downtime.

Superior Support: Available 24x7x365

Need help with your Managed WordPress accounts? Our in-house North American WordPress Geeks support team is available 24 x 7 via telephone, live chat and email. You get personalized support for any questions you may have.

Minimalist Control Panel Designed specifically for WordPress

  • No Clutter! Certified Hosting has designed a custom control panel with focus only on WordPress to enhance your experience.
  • Easy Restores. Automated backups with one-click restore. With freedom to choose between full or snapshot backups.
  • Scalability. One click options for handling spikes in traffic or growing requirements.
  • Easy access. Your email accounts and all the other features you need for WordPress are easy to access.



Free Migration & All the Help You Need

We are happy to help you transfer your complete WordPress site to Certified Hosting. Contact us to learn more about our FREE account migration service. We are also happy to help you determine which plan and features will help you get the most out of your Certified WordPress hosting account.